professional skateboarder


For me, skateboarding was the light at the end of the tunnel. Skateboarding gives me a sense of self-worth. Skateboarding is all about progression and getting better... SKATE THE WORLD.

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The Dew Tour

Benji is over skating up the Dew Tour.

Matt dove and I havin a smile for ol’timers sake

Little Charlie said that stuff is hot


The Corn Cup

Duncan explaining that the generator ran out of gas. It’s kind of warm but everyone is going off.


Bacon it Happen in a Van

Van o’ party shirts!


Bacon it happen 2012

Lurkin’ in the shade.



So there is a big decision that needs to get made.  Malmo Ultrabowl or The Dew Tour.  Same weekend, slightly different airfares.

Red Bull Rivals Update

Garric Ray wrote a little story, took some nice photos and made a video for ESPN. It’s like being there.

red bull rivals

Photo Credit Garric Ray. Triple inverts with Willis Kimbel, Danny Tumia and Benji Galloway